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Mentoring Program

Alumni Mentoring Program

The Ross and Carol Nese College of Nursing Mentoring Program was created to help our students succeed, prepare for their professional careers in nursing, and become active College of Nursing alumni. The program allows students to explore career planning, college to career transition, and leadership development with an alumni mentor. Our alumni have a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, talents, and interests.  Our program pairs students with mentors that complement their interests and professional aspirations.

The Ross and Carol Nese College of Nursing Mentoring Program is designed to provide student protégés with the opportunity to:

  • Build effective personal and professional relationships
  • Set goals for personal growth and learning
  • Ask for and receive feedback
  • Reflect on experiences and lessons learned for future application

Mentors will have the opportunity to:

  • Build and support effective relationships
  • Provide objective guidance and feedback based on personal experience
  • Facilitate reflective thinking
  • Take ownership of personal growth and learning


The Ross and Carol Nese College of Nursing Mentoring Program is open to all College of Nursing students. Priority matching will be given to students with junior or senior standing.

Mentors must be graduates of the Ross and Carol Nese College of Nursing or Penn State graduates working in a nursing-related field.

Program Structure

The application period for Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 is closed. Information for the 2020-2021 College of Nursing Mentoring Program will be available in April 2020.

Virtual Connection

The Ross and Carol Nese College of Nursing Mentoring Program is part of the Penn State Alumni Association’s LionLink platform.

Mentors and student protégés are expected to participate in a training session in mid-September 2020.

In-Person Events

A kick-off event will be held during the Fall 2020 semester to introduce student protégés and mentors. At the kick-off event, pairs work to develop goals and action steps for participation in the program.

It is also expected that the student protégé and mentor meet in-person at least once a year. Pairs are encouraged to meet face-to-face more often if possible. Face-to-face meetings are important for building the communication skills needed in both academic and professional settings.

Get More Information

If you have any questions, please call 814-863-4039 or email