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Alumni Society

Mission Statement

The College of Nursing Alumni Society is committed to supporting and enhancing the College’s mission through assistance with student relations, alumni relations, community relations, and development. The Alumni Society is an all-alumni advisory body that acts as a resource for the College of Nursing by supporting the College’s strategic plan, establishing and maintaining a strong alumni network, and fostering positive student interactions with administration, faculty, and alumni.


Harness the talents, time, and resources of alumni to assist the College of Nursing in supporting the growth and achievement of students, faculty, staff, and fellow alumni.

Goal 1: Infrastructure

To continue to build a sound foundational board infrastructure to ensure the success of the board and secure sanctioning by the Pennsylvania State University Alumni Association.

Goal 2: Growth

To collaborate and engage nursing alumni from all campuses with BSN degree programs with the intent to uphold the mission and vision of the College of Nursing, the Alumni Society, and its membership.

Goal 3: Partnerships

To foster relationships with college, campus, chapter, alumni societies and AIGs to determine opportunities for ongoing collaboration, sharing of resources, and to identify potential new opportunities to enhance and support the mission of the College of Nursing and the College of Nursing Alumni Society.

Goal 4: Outreach

To be inclusive and find new methods of engaging our alumni and student body through outreach events.

Goal 5: Fundraising

To maximize what the Society is able to provide for board sanctioned initiatives, raise additional funds as appropriate through the years.