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Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Plan


We are creating nurse leaders to transform lives and health around the world. 


We will redesign the landscape of health and nursing science through education, research, innovation, practice, and service. 


Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Discovery, Excellence, and Community

Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Transforming Education

The college will create an equitable, engaging, and meaningful student-centered curriculum that prepares nurse leaders across undergraduate and graduate programs for a complex healthcare system.

Goal 2: Enhancing Health through Research & Innovation

The college will be a leader in developing nurse scientists, conducting research, translating innovative findings to clinical practice, and disseminating lessons learned integral to improving nursing science.

Goal 3: Stewardship of Our Planet’s Resources and Community Relationships

The college will steward our planet’s resources as it relates to the health and wellness of individuals, communities, and systems.

Goal 4: Using Arts & Humanities in Nursing to Address Political and Social/Practice Challenges

The college will integrate arts and humanities as a way to address political and social/practice challenges experienced in providing nursing care.

Goal 5: Service through Outreach and Digital Innovations

The college will provide service through outreach and by effectively using digital innovations across the Commonwealth and beyond.

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Nese College of Nursing named a National League for Nursing Center of Excellence