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Annual Gifts

Annual gifts provide funds for the college’s core mission and immediate needs. Contributions, at all levels, add up to make an immeasurable impact on students, faculty, research, and programs.  Here are some areas where you might designate your gift today:

Nursing Student Hardship Fund

Funds support students experiencing unexpected hardships when all other means have been exhausted

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College of Nursing Future Fund

Funds intended to cover unanticipated opportunities and pressing needs of the College

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Dean’s Endowment for Excellence and Innovation

An endowed fund intended to build long-term excellence and innovation in education and research programs

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Graduate Student Support Fund

Funds intended to support graduate students in the areas of domestic and international education enhancements and leadership development

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Nursing Technology and Sim Lab Fund

Funds intended to support enhancements to simulation and distance learning technologies

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Nursing Alumni Society

Funds intended to support the activities of the College of Nursing Alumni Society

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Student/Alumni Mentoring Program

Funds intended to support the College’s Alumni/Student Mentoring Program

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Nursing Alumni Trustee Scholarship Fund

Pooled endowed fund to provide scholarship support to undergraduate students with need

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College Outreach Program Fund

Funds intended to enhance the College’s efforts to provide service and education to the community at large

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No matter the amount, contributions are professionally managed and focused on four priorities: student scholarships, faculty support, impactful programs and facilities enhancement. Students, faculty researchers, and programs all benefit from the generous gifts of our alumni and supporters worldwide.

Contact Susan Kukic, Director, Office of Development and Alumni Relations at (814) 863-8180 for a personal conversation about ways you can make a lasting impact on the College of Nursing.