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PELI Tool used for project aiming to improve quality of life for Ohio nursing home residents

Associate Professor Kimberly Van Haitsma serves as co-investigator for the Scripps Gerontology Center project, which uses data collected from the Preferences for Everyday Living Inventory (PELI), developed by Van Haitsma


The Program for Person-Centered Living Systems of Care is an academic initiative within the Geriatric Center at Penn State that seeks to:

  • develop an interprofessional theory and model for the new field of person-centered living systems of care
  • conduct research on topics related to person-centered care (PCC)
  • infuse PCC health care service delivery across the spectrum of services (acute to post-acute to community based)


  • Develop a new integrative model of person-centered living systems of care
  • Develop infrastructure and methodologies for conducting PCC research
  • Conduct applied research on PCC topics
  • Apply best practices to innovative health delivery systems
  • Inform curriculum to educate an interprofessional workforce of future and current care providers
  • Influence policy around delivery of health care services in rural/urban, acute, post-acute, and community-based care settings


Polisher Research Institute of the Madlyn and Leonard Abramson Center for Jewish Life

Donald Ford