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Tressa Nese and Helen Diskevich
Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence

Program for Enhancing Excellence in Care (PEEC)

Overall Goal/Purpose

To develop and refine content for a person-centered, excellence in care education model that will be feasible, effective, and replicable in all Grane Healthcare communities and SeniorLIFE centers. The topics selected for implementation will be developed using a community based participatory approach, in accordance with best practice and in collaboration with the Grane community’s PEEC Stakeholder Team.

5 Components/ Goals

  1. Community Educational Opportunities
    To provide educational opportunities to administration, nursing and other personnel which improves the community’s ability to implement the highest practical quality of care for residents, including the promotion of culture change and a person-centered care delivery model. Topics to be selected in partnership with the pilot community.
  2. Direct Caregiver Skill Enhancement 
    To develop and implement additional education and training for nursing assistants (and other appropriate community members, such as nursing supervisors), to enhance competencies in relation to providing care for older adults in the skilled nursing (long-term care and rehabilitation) community which promotes well-being of the whole person.
  3. Registered Nurses’ Certification in Gerontology
    To increase Registered Nurses’ clinical knowledge and expertise in using the nursing process when caring for older adults, by increasing the numbers of RNs that have specialized education in gerontology – through the completion of a Gero Certificate Program.
  4. Licensed Nurses’ Leadership Development
    To enhance licensed nurses’ ability to serve as effective leaders in the implementation of person-centered care for older adults, with improvement of leadership competencies.
  5. Coaching/ Consultation
    To identify quality initiatives and provide coaching in areas that align with the expertise and resources available or identified by the Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence.


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