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Welcome to the “Pods”!

  • In the Pods, students develop foundational skills and practice nursing fundamentals  
  • Students spend fall of their second year in the Pods, which prepares them for their spring semester clinical rotation in local nursing homes  
  • The four connected rooms comprising the center of this floor are designed to be the same- check out each one!  Beds are set up like hospital rooms to ensure students develop transferable skills to professional nursing practice   
  • Students use real-life medical equipment and learn how to properly document patient interactions using Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, similar software to that used in hospitals and medical offices, for documentation and medication administration purposes 
  • Students learn how to:   
    • conduct head-to-toe assessments covering all systems of the body   
    • take blood pressure, pulses, and all major vitals   
    • identify a healthy ear, eye, nose, and mouth  
    • move a patient properly to avoid injury to the patient or themselves   
    • transfer patients from other assistive devices, wheelchairs or stretchers   
    • assist a patient with toileting   
    • make a bed with hospital corners  
    • give a bed bath   
    • practice “AM” care such as dressing and shaving a patient   
    • empty/clean bed pans, urinals, and catheter bags  
    • insert and remove catheters  
    • use proper personal protective equipment (also called PPE) such as gloves, gowns, and masks for all isolation procedures  
    • administer all types of medications (pills, liquids, drops, patches, injections, inhalers, etc.)   
    • practice different types of injections on injection pads, as well as oranges and hotdogs which provide a similar tactile experience  


Nese College of Nursing named a National League for Nursing Center of Excellence