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Project Examples

  • Establish a community garden on campus by coordinating a collaboration between students in Nursing and Agricultural Sciences.
  • Work with other faculty/other campuses to update a selected course with content specific to sustainability.
  • Establish a team to develop and implement a composting program in collaboration with Campus Dining.
  • Initiate a community-based program that engages Nursing faculty and students with interdisciplinary partners (local or state government, climate change organization, health care provider, or agricultural extension group) to address a relevant community need.
  • Integrate a sustainability segment into an upcoming travel abroad experience.
  • Collaborate with the Lion’s Pantry to establish a similar program at your campus to feed students who have financial concerns.

Dean Badzek will give preference to projects that support community mental health, substance abuse and issues broadly related or to projects that focus on healthy lifestyles(can include initiatives related to smoking, chronic illness or exercise/fitness including initiatives focused on nursing and health sciences students, faculty and staff.


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