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From the Dean – Alumni Newsletter

Dear Alumni and Friends,

First and foremost, Happy New Year!

As we embark on 2021, feeling renewed and filled with hope, we look to the future. A future filled with nurses who are poised to lead some of the greatest impacts on health and wellness the world has ever seen.

The next generation of nurses provides much-needed hope for our future. Our current students are filled with compassion and strength. Their commitment to healthy communities and inherent sense of responsibility is a testament to the hallmark traits of nurses everywhere. They value diversity and inclusion knowing our differences make us better and they actively work to be part of an equitable solution. They see today’s challenges and are stepping up because they know change and making a difference begins with them. They are courageous in the face of adversity and their steely determination is unmatched.

As we work to bring these tremendous aspiring nurses to your side, I hope you will find them as incredible as we do. Students like Tyler Guarino, who’s featured on the cover of Penn Stater magazine’s January edition and a renaissance scholar, who shared his story, similar to many others who faced personal challenges as a result of COVID-19. Tyler and his peers are the future of health and wellness for our world – a fact that gives me great comfort.

As we continue the Year of the Nurse we acknowledge that nurses everywhere deserve to be recognized now more than ever. Here at the College we will continue to do our part ensuring nurses and nurse leaders in all capacities are championed.

Also, in 2021, we will launch a new online World Campus nursing program. The upcoming DNP-NP program is designed to prepare nurses at a terminal level while meeting the ever-growing industry need for nurses prepared at the highest level of practice.

Finally, our virtual accreditation visit was just completed and we are pleased to share it was successful with all standards being met and zero compliances issues. Showcasing our college was a moment of pride for us as our programs, faculty, staff, students, clinical partners, and trusted alumni and friends represented us well – thank you!  The virtual visit will be followed by a formal report and additional review by CCNE with final evaluation and approval by the Board of Commissioners for CCNE at the fall meeting.

Our future begins now and we are working tirelessly to ensure ­the next generation of nurses are change-makers, exceptional practitioners, researchers, educators, and leaders—just like you.

Be well,


Nese College of Nursing named a National League for Nursing Center of Excellence