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Christopher Engeland

Associate Professor; BBH Joint Faculty

229 Biobehavioral Health Building
University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-865-4694


Research & Publications

Research Overview: I am interested in how stress, age, gender, and hormones affect immunity, inflammation, and health; also, the feasibility of different biomarkers (e.g., from blood, saliva, wound fluid) for predicting health outcomes.                

Research Interests:

i) Effects of stress, age, sex & hormones on inflammation and wound healing (human, animal)

  1. ii) Stress, inflammation, cognitive aging/decline, and dementia (human)

iii) Inflammation and mental health (e.g., depression, bipolar, PMDD) (human)

  1. iv) Inflammatory biomarkers and stress as predictors of preterm birth (human)
  2. v) Salivary diagnostics and immunity (human)
  3. vi) Effects of chronic stress and oxytocin on wound healing (animal)