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Monique S Balthazar

Assistant Professor

210F Nursing Sciences Building
University Park

Phone: 814-867-5999


Research & Publications


Dr. Balthazar is a clinical and translational nurse scientist and a triple board-certified nurse practitioner. Her research is positioned at the intersection of sleep health, brain health, and social determinants of health. Dr. Balthazar is deeply committed to enhancing the health outcomes of vulnerable populations, with a particular focus on racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender minorities.

Her work is characterized by a dedication to integrating multidisciplinary approaches and leveraging her expertise in nursing and research innovation to tackle complex health issues. Dr. Balthazar focuses on understanding how sleep and brain health are influenced by social and environmental factors, aiming to develop targeted interventions that address health disparities and enhance the overall well-being of underserved communities.

Dr. Balthazar’s contributions to the field are evident through her publications as well as her active participation in relevant professional organizations. As a thought leader, she is involved in various initiatives aimed at shaping policies and practices that are sensitive to the unique health challenges faced by marginalized groups. Her efforts underscore a drive to foster a more equitable healthcare system that supports the health and dignity of all individuals.

Nese College of Nursing named a National League for Nursing Center of Excellence