Bachelor of Science Degree (RN to B.S.)

"Penn State's RN to B.S. program has inspired me to learn, to become a better nurse, and to share all that I learned and know."
—Donna O'Neill, RN

The RN to B.S. program began in 1973 and was one of the first of its kind in the nation. The program makes it possible for registered nurses to earn a B.S. degree through full- or part-time study while maintaining personal and employment responsibilities.


The RN to B.S. program is offered at the following campuses:

Nursing students in training

Accelerated R.N. to B.S. Degree Program


The Accelerated Bachelor of Science (A.B.S.) Nursing program is a fast-track RN-to-B.S. completion program. The curriculum is designed so that students spend one day per week on campus and complete all course work in three semesters. This gives students with location and/or employment restrictions a greater opportunity to participate. The cornerstone of the curriculum is a high-quality B.S. completion program in a time-efficient format.

The compressed curriculum design incorporates a blend of in-class, web-enhanced, and online courses over seven-week sessions. Each student will develop a plan of study and have access to a variety of support and retention activities designed to ensure his/her success. These include: an assigned mentor; computer support; tutoring and writing center services; access to Penn State's course management system (ANGEL) and extensive library collection; and online or in-person access to project staff and faculty.

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