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Lorah D. Dorn

Professor of Nursing and Pediatrics

Contact Information

313 Nursing Sciences Building
University Park PA 16802-6508

(fax) 814-863-1027


  • Behavioral endocrinology with an emphasis on adolescence; puberty, substance use, depression, bone density

Research Interests

Biological transitions as a period of vulnerability for physical and mental health problems, specifically: puberty, stress hormones (cortisol), and reproductive hormones and their association with psychopathology (substance abuse, depression, anxiety, behavior problems) and physical health (bone density, menstrual cycles)

Funded Research Projects

Pennsylvania Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Training (SAFE-T) Center, Office of Justice Programs, 2016-2017, Miyamoto, S (PI), Perkins, D.F., McCall-Hosenfeld, J., Dorn, L.D. and Sechler, P.A.

Funded Research Projects

Penn State University’s Translational Center for Child Maltreatment Studies TCCMS, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes of Health, 2017-2021, Noll, J.G (PI), Fishbein, D.H., Ram, N., Collins, L.M., Allen, B., Frasier, L.D., Kymel, K., Heim, C.M., Shenk, C.E., Shalev, I., Schreier, H.M., Crowley, D.M., Miyamoto, S., Chinchilli, V.M., Dorn, L.D., Rose, E.J. Wang, M., Dias, M. and Font, S.A.

Funded Research Projects

Preventing Internalizing Psychopathology in Preadolescents Exposed to Chronic Stress. National Institute of Mental Health 2016-2018. Wadsworth, M.E.(PI), Dorn, L.D., Feinberg, M.E, Brelsford, G., and Ahlkvist, J.A.

Funded Research Projects

Health & Wellbeing of Sexually Abused Females & Offspring: 25 and 27 yr Followup. Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (R01HD072468), 2013-2018. J. Noll (PI), L. Dorn (Co-I), N. Ram (Co-I) and E. Susman (Co-I).

Funded Research Projects

The New Biobehavioral Developmental Science of Puberty. Society for Research on Adolescence. 2016-2017. L. Dorn (PI).