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Outreach at the College of Nursing is focused on meeting educational and service needs in the community beyond the walls of the school. The College of Nursing is geographically dispersed, and its outreach program connects with many local communities across Pennsylvania. Outreach includes service-learning projects in the community, credit courses, and programs for nursing continuing education.

Online Degree Programs

RN to B.S.N. in Nursing

Health care is moving ahead; shouldn’t your career? As nursing becomes more complex, a bachelor of science degree in nursing can help move your career forward. Our RN to B.S.N. program builds and expands on the RN competencies needed to lead change and positively affect the health care industry. Earning a B.S.N. in Nursing degree can also properly prepare you to attend graduate school.

View details of online RN to BSN Courses available through Penn State’s World Campus.

M.S.N. Advanced Role Options

As part of its M.S.N. program, Penn State now offers two advanced role options—Nurse Administrator and Nurse Educator—totally online through Penn State World Campus. For more information, e-mail Janet Foggor call 717-531-1340.

Certificate Programs

Geriatric Nursing Education

The College of Nursing offers a graduate certificate in Geriatric Nursing Education in partnership with Penn State World Campus and the Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence. This program is designed to help those with a master’s degree in nursing prepare to become geriatric nursing faculty and educational leaders. Upon completing the certificate, these geriatric education specialists will be positioned to mentor nursing faculty at the associate or bachelor degree level.

Nursing Forensics

Learn to bridge the gap between medicine and law with this 12-credit undergraduate certificate program. Professionals in forensic nursing are often the first line of defense for victims of violence, abuse, or neglect when they enter the health care system. Their role goes far beyond medical care to include knowledge of the legal system and injury identification, evaluation, and documentation.

Nursing Informatics

Nurses can give their careers a boost with the Nursing Informatics online certificate program, a 9-credit course series designed to prepare nurses with the knowledge to use informatics tools in technology-rich health care environments.

The curriculum includes key informatics topics such as electronic health records, clinical decision support tools, and data mining to promote safe and efficient care.

Registered nurses who are working toward a B.S.N. in Nursing at Penn State can apply all 9 credits toward the bachelor’s degree. Nurses may also take the courses as a stand-alone series for the purpose of enhancing their career prospects.

For more information about the online program, visit the world campus or contact Madeline Mattern, coordinator of outreach programs, at 814-865-8469 or

Nursing Management

Set yourself apart from other registered nurses on the career ladder by gaining the tools needed for nurse manager positions. Enrich your knowledge of basic health care organizations and administration.

Receive your certificate in Nursing Management from the Penn State College of Nursing here at Penn State. Two of the four courses can count as electives in our RN to B.S.N. in Nursing program.