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Susan Loeb

  • Loeb, S. (PI), Kitt-Lewis, E. (Co-I) & Myers, V.A. E-Training of Inmate Peer Caregivers For Enhancing Geriatric and End-Of-Life Care In Prisons – Phase II. Total Award $996,991 6/15/2020-3/31/2023.
  • Kitt-Lewis, E. (PI), Loeb, S. (Co-I), Academic Consortium for Criminal Justice Health Title: End-of-Life Care Planning in Corrections. Funded by The Regents of the University of California, NIH (1R24AG065175), Total Award $15,000, 06/01/2020-9/01/2023.
  • Loeb, S. (PI), Kitt-Lewis, E. (Co-I), Fick, D.M. (Co-I). Computer-based Learning to Enhance ADRD Care in Prison: Just Care for Dementia. Funded by Klein Buendel, Inc./NIH Total Award $300,000 06/01/2022-05/31/2023.

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