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Ph.D. in Nursing and Clinical Translational Science


The dual-title Ph.D. program in Nursing and Clinical and Translational Sciences (CTS) allows nursing Ph.D. students to pursue additional preparation for career paths that involve clinical trials or clinical research programs. Nursing Ph.D. students may pursue additional training in CTS through the dual-title Ph.D. program in CTS. Students must apply and be admitted to the graduate program in Nursing and the Graduate School before they can apply for admission to the dual-title degree program. Admission to the dual-title is determined upon review of all application materials (forwarded from the Ross and Carol Nese College of Nursing) by the admissions committee in CTS.

In addition to satisfying the requirements of the Nursing Ph.D. program, students must satisfy additional requirements established by the CTS program committee. Within this framework, course selection is determined by the student, his or her Nursing adviser, and the CTS program adviser. Students entering with an M.S. degree in nursing will complete a minimum of 56 credits.

Incoming full-time Ph.D. students may be eligible for a University assistantship. Assistantships cover tuition and pay a monthly stipend. In return, the recipient assists an assigned faculty member in various aspects of the faculty role for up to 20 hours per week.

All nursing science courses begin with a one- to two-day pre-semester intensive, which meets at University Park campus in the fall and the Hershey Medical Center campus in the spring. The intensive consists of an introduction to the classes, a meeting of the Doctoral Student Organization, and other workshops or seminars.

Throughout the semester, required weekly seminars are sponsored by the Center for Nursing Research and the Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence.


  • Penn State Hershey
  • University Park


Admission requirements are outlined on the Penn State Bulletin website. Applications to the program can be done through the Graduate School.

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