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Nikki Hill

  • Hill, N. (PI), Mogle, J.A. (Co-I), Sliwinski, M.J. (Co-I). Alzheimer’s disease risk factors as mediators of subjective memory impairment and objective memory decline: A construct-level replication across four studies. Funded by NIH/NIA. Grant No. R01AG055398. Total Award $1,869,820, 05/01/2017-04/30/2022.
  • Mogle, J.A. (PI), Hill, N. (Co-I), Sliwinski, M.J. (Co-I). Improving assessment of subjective memory impairment for detecting Alzheimer’s disease: A coordinated analysis in two measurement burst studies. Funded by NIH/NIA. Grant No. R01AG062605. Total Award $1,565,824, 08/15/2019-04/30/2023.

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