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Doctoral Student Organizations

The purpose of the College of Nursing Doctoral Student Organizations (Ph.D. DSO and D.N.P. DSO) is to support the academic achievement and enhance the academic environment of doctoral students throughout their enrollment at Penn State by providing a forum for collegial support, free exchange of ideas, and discussion of critical issues related to the respective doctoral programs.

All students enrolled in the Ph.D. or D.N.P. program are members of the respective DSO. There are no financial obligations related to membership. Each DSO is facilitated by one College of Nursing graduate faculty member and led by doctoral students. Meetings, held four times during the academic year, are scheduled and directed by student leaders.


  1. To engage doctoral students in regular dialogue about their scholarly experiences, academic progression, professional development, and programmatic evaluation
  2. To provide doctoral students with an outlet for socialization with scholarly peers
  3. To promote collegial relationships among doctoral students across cohort groups (YR1, YR2, etc.)

D.N.P. Doctoral Student Organization

Ph.D. Doctoral Student Organization