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Dual-Title Ph.D. in Nursing and Bioethics

Nursing Ph.D. students may pursue additional training in bioethics through the dual-title Ph.D. program in Nursing and Bioethics. To qualify for the dual-title degree, students must satisfy the requirements of the Nursing Ph.D. program. In addition, they must satisfy the requirements below, as established by the Bioethics program committee. Within this framework, final course selection is determined by the student, his or her Nursing adviser, and the Bioethics program adviser. Students entering with an M.S. degree in nursing will complete a minimum of 49–50 credits.

Additional course work

The dual-title Ph.D. in Nursing and Bioethics requires a minimum of 2 credits of course work beyond the requirements for the Ph.D. in Nursing (16 of the 18 Bioethics credits are included in the Nursing degree requirements), as follows:

  • 7 required credits (BIOET 501, BIOET 502, and BIOET 590), plus at least 3 additional BIOET credits at the 500 level. These credits can be applied to the 9 credits of specialty course work for the Nursing Ph.D.
  • 8 additional credits from a list of approved electives at the 400 or 500 level, at least 2 of which must be at the 500 level. Many of the available electives that students may wish to take are 3 credits, so 9 additional credits may be a more typical number for most students. The nursing science core constitutes 7 of these elective credits.

Candidacy: In order to be admitted to doctoral candidacy in the dual-title degree program, students must meet the Ph.D. candidacy requirements specified by Nursing. A single candidacy examination will be administered that includes assessment of both Nursing and Bioethics. At least one member of the candidacy committee must be from the Bioethics program.

Comprehensive Exam: The faculty member(s) affiliated with the Bioethics program will be responsible for administering a portion of the comprehensive exam that will require the student to demonstrate an understanding of various theoretical and methodological approaches to bioethics, and an ability to apply them to issues and problems (including, where appropriate, practical problems) in nursing.

Dissertation/Dissertation Defense: A dissertation on a bioethics-related topic or with a substantial bioethics component is required of students in the dual-title Ph.D. program. The bioethics-related dissertation topic or component will be approved by the student’s committee.

For more information about the Ph.D. program in Nursing, see the Ph.D. Requirements.