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Ph.D (Nursing) with Concurrent M.S.N. (Nurse Practitioner)

The Ph.D (Nursing) with Concurrent MSN (Nurse Practitioner) enables highly qualified students to pursue doctoral study concurrently with completing an M.S.N. in preparation to become a Nurse Practitioner. Students will complete a minimum of 75 credits.

The program prepares students as nurse scientists and advanced practice nurses. Applicants must meet all the admission requirements for the Ph.D. and apply to the Ph.D. program and indicate in their personal/goals statement that they wish to be considered for the Ph.D. (Nursing) and Concurrent M.S.N. program at University Park.

Estimated program completion for a full-time student is five years. Plans of study are individually developed in consultation with the associate dean for graduate education and research/or the academic adviser.

Full-time Ph.D. students are eligible for a graduate assistantship. Assistantships cover tuition and pay a monthly stipend. In return, the recipient assists an assigned faculty member in various aspects of the faculty role for up to twenty hours per week.

For more information about the Ph.D (Nursing) with Concurrent M.S.N. (Nurse Practitioner), please contact Marsha Freije, graduate adviser, 814-867-5026 or .