Janice Penrod, Ph.D., RN, FGSA, FAAN

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Professor of Nursing

Contact Information

129E Nursing Sciences Building
University Park PA 16802


(fax) 814-863-1027




Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2001, Nursing, Minor: Gerontology
M.S., The Pennsylvania State University, 1996, Nursing, Major: Older Adults, Minor: Family Nursing
B.S.N., University of Pittsburgh, 1976, Nursing

Research Interests


  • Geriatric nursing: informal caregiving
  • State of uncertainty: end of life; family caregivers
  • Qualitative methods: techniques for concept analysis and advancement; theory-building strategies

Funded Research Projects

Under Review

Co-Investigator. “Improving End of Life Planning in Patients with Life Threatening Disease,” NIH/NINR. PIs: M. Green & B. Levi.

Current Research

Principal Investigator. "Infusing End-of-Life Care Into a Complex Organization: The Prison Study". [1R01NR011874-01] funded by the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Nursing Research, 2009-2012. Multiple PIs: S. J. Loeb; C. Hollenbeak.

Principal Investigator, “Exploring the Formal/Informal Caregiver Interface across 3 Death Trajectories,” [1R01NR010127-01A1] funded by National Institute of Health/National Institute of Nursing Research 2008-2012.

Consultant, "Active Device for Reliable Cleaning of Feeding Tubes," National Science Foundation, SBIR Phase I [0810029]; Phase funding in review 2008. PI: R. Bagwell.

Past Research

Consultant. “Incorporating Values and Preferences into Clinical Care Guidelines Designed for Older Adults Living with Type 2 Diabetes,” Social Science Research Institute, Level II grant, The Pennsylvania State University 2007-2008. PI: L. Wray.

Co-Investigator, “Comprehensive Palliative Care: Spousal Caregivers of Heart Failure Patients,” [1R15NR009976-01] funded by National Institute of Health/National Institute of Nursing Research 2006-2009. PI: J. E. Hupcey.

Co-Investigator. “Investigation of Palliative Care Needs of Elderly Heart Failure Patients and Their Spousal Caregivers.” Funded by the American Heart Association 2006-2008. PI: J.E. Hupcey.

Co-Investigator. “Palliative Care Needs of Heart Failure Patients and Families.” Funded by the College of Health and Human Development, The Pennsylvania State University 2005-2007. PI: J.E. Hupcey.

Consultant. “The Effect of Aerobic Fitness Exercise on Executive Functioning and Function in Community-Dwelling Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease.” Funded by the American Nurses Foundation 2006. PI: Fang Yu.

Principal Investigator. Living with Uncertainty: Living with Life-limiting Illness. Project funded by the Pennsylvania State University College of Health and Human Development 2004-2006.

Principal Investigator. Living with Uncertainty: Caregiving at the End-of-Life. Project [1 R03 NR008538] funded by the National Institute of Health/National Institute of Nursing Research 2003-200].

Consultant. Management Strategies in 2002 Osteoporosis Conference CD-ROM Production. Project funded by the GEC/PA 2002.

Co-Investigator. “Advancement of the Concept of Trust in Health Care Providers: The Development of a Trust Assessment Guide.” Proposal funded by the Sigma Theta Tau 2002. PI: J. E. Hupcey.

Qualitative Methods Consultant. “Rural Men's Study.” Project funded by NIMH 2002. PI: D. B. Preston.

Primary Faculty. Objective 2.1 Stand Tall Pennsylvania Osteoporosis Initiative through the Geriatric Education Center of Pennsylvania. Five-year project funded by DHHS/HRSA 2002.

Principal Investigator. “Enhancing Geriatric Nursing Education for Advanced Practice Nursing.” Proposal funded by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing with support of the John A. Hartford Foundation 2001.

Co-Investigator. “A Diary Intake Instrument for Use Among Older Adults with Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Pilot Study to Develop and Test.” Proposal funded by the 2001-2002 Georgia Gerontology Consortium Seed Grant Program 2001. PI: L. W. Poon, Co-I: S. H. Gueldner.

Principal Investigator. “Processes of Minimizing the Disabling Effects of Osteoporosis.” Proposal funded by the American Nurses Foundation 2001. Co-I: J. E. Hupcey.

Project Coordinator. Phase II: “Living With Chronic Health Conditions.” Project funded by AARP Andrus Foundation 1999. PI: L. Poon, Co-I: S. H. Gueldner.

Consultant. “Delineating processes of enduring and suffering.” Funded by the Medical Research Council, Canada 1998. PI: J. M. Morse.

Pre-Doctoral Fellow. Funded by a National Institute on Aging, The Pennsylvania State University 1998. Research Advisor: S. H. Gueldner, Professor and Director, School of Nursing.

Research Team Member. “Physiological, psychological, and behavioral correlates of physical function and fear of falling in older adults.” Project funded by The Pennsylvania State University, College of Health and Human Development 1998. PI: S. Mihalko; Collaborating PI: S. H. Gueldner.

Research Associate. “Defining Comfort for the Improvement of Nursing Care.” Project funded by NIH, NINR 1995. PI: J. M. Morse.

Project/Program Director. Geriatric Nursing Continuing Education. Funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, PHS, Health and Resources Services Administration 1988s.


Funded Academic/Training Projects

Principal Investigator. “Graduate Nurse Education Grant Program”. Funded by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation, January 2008.

Associate Director/Core Faculty. “Penn State Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence”. Funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation with a primary emphasis on preparing qualified geriatric nursing faculty, October 2007.

Principal Investigator. “Graduate Nurse Education Grant Program”. Funded by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation, January 2007.

Principal Investigator. “Creating Careers in Geriatric Advanced Practice Nursing”. A scholarship program in advanced practice nursing. Funded by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and the John A Hartford Foundation. August 2005 - May 2008.

Project Director. “Promoting Geriatric Nurse Experts: A Pre-Certification Course”. Funded by The Pennsylvania State University Program Innovation Fund, January 2004 - May 2005.

Member of Geriatric Education Center (GEC/PA) Planning Committee/Presenter for “Stand Tall Pennsylvania”. Funded education initiative on osteoporosis, April 1998 - August 2000.



Fellow, American Academy of Nursing (FAAN). Inducted as a Fellow during the Academy's 38th Annual Meeting on October 15, 2011.
Finalist, Nursing Research Award, Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania
Faculty Affiliate, Bioethics and Medical Humanities Program, The Pennsylvania State University
Faculty, Geriatric Leadership Academy, The John A. Hartford Foundation and Sigma Theta Tau

Selected Publications

S. J. Loeb, J. Penrod, C. S. Hollenbeak, and C. A. Smith. End-of-life care for women prisoners: What is and what could be. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing, in press.

J. Penrod, J. E. Hupcey, P. Shipley, S. Loeb, and B. L. Baney. 2011. Seeking normal: A model of end-of-life caregiving. Western Journal of Nursing Research, first published on March 14, 2011, as doi: 10.1177/0193945911400920.

J. Penrod, J. E. Hupcey, B. L. Baney, and S. Loeb. 2011. End-of-life caregiving trajectories. Clinical Nursing Research 20(1):7–24.

A. Kolanowski, D. Fick, C. Frazer, and J. Penrod. 2010. It's about time: Use of nonpharmacological interventions in the nursing home. Journal of Nursing Scholarship 42(2):214–222.

J. Hupcey, L. Kitko, K. Fenstermacher, and J. Penrod. 2010. Achieving medical stability: Wives' experiences with heart failure. Clinical Nursing Research [e-pub ahead of print April 8, 2009]. Available at http://cnr.sagepub.com/cgi/rapidpdf/1054773810371119v1.

M. R. Steis and J. Penrod. 2009. Principle-based concept analysis: Nurse Recognition in nurse–patient interactions. Journal of Advanced Nursing 65(9):1965–75.

L. J. Grove, S. J. Loeb, and J. Penrod. 2009. Selective optimization with compensation: A model for elder health programming. Clinical Nurse Specialist 23(1):25–32.

J. M. Weber, J. Penrod, and R. A. Jablonski. 2009. Missed opportunities: Under-detection of trauma in elderly adults involved in motor vehicle crashes. Journal of Emergency Nursing 36(1):6–9.

J. E. Hupcey, J. Penrod, and K. Fenstermacher. 2009. A model of palliative care for heart failure. American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care Medicine 26(5):399–404.

J. E. Hupcey, J. Penrod, and J. Fogg. 2009. Heart failure and palliative care: Implications in practice. Journal of Palliative Medicine 12(6):531–536.