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Our goal is to prepare individuals with a current master’s degree in nursing or a related professional field (such as speech pathology, psychology, and social work) to teach geriatric nursing at the associate and baccalaureate degree levels with a high degree of competency.

The curriculum consists of four graduate-level courses (12 credits), all delivered entirely online through Penn State World Campus. In cooperation with World Campus staff, we provide our certificate students with ready access to technology support as needed throughout their course of study.

The requirements include two 3-credit courses of didactic content in gerontological health care, developed by geriatric nursing faculty in the Geriatric Center:

Students must successfully complete both gerontology courses, along with two of the following 3-credit courses:

The certificate program is a great way to get to know Geriatric Center faculty and, if you are considering post-master’s education, explore graduate-level studies at Penn State as a non-degree student.


Program applicants and all who wish to register for a course must complete a graduate application through the Graduate School at Penn State. Click Apply for more details.