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In concert with the College of Nursing, the Geriatric Center promotes graduate nursing education with a focus in gerontology at four levels of study:

Ph.D. Degree
The Ph.D. program of study prepares nurses to teach at the graduate level and to enrich the body of gerontological nursing knowledge through original research
Master’s Degree
The master’s degree program of study prepares nurses to teach at the undergraduate level and to disseminate gerontological nursing knowledge in diverse health care settings.
Post-Master’s Certificate in Geriatric Nursing Education
The post-master’s certificate allows active nurse educators to re-tool their knowledge base in response to new adult / gerontology nursing practice standards, which reflect the rapidly growing population of older adults in America and our profession’s growing need for improved gerontological content in nursing programs nationally, at every level of study.
Postdoctoral Fellowships
Through partnerships with the American Academy of Nursing and the National Hartford Centers of Gerontological Nursing Excellence initiatives, our center hosts postdoctoral fellows in gerontology. These Ph.D.-level nurses are mentored by a member of our Hartford-affiliated nursing faculty while advancing their own program of original nursing research.