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fickWelcome to the Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence at Penn State.  We have a particular mission to reach out to the rural communities of Pennsylvania and along the Appalachian range.

The major goal of our center is to prepare high-quality geriatric nursing leaders whose commitments to educational excellence ultimately will improve the care of our nation’s older adults. We accomplish this goal by continually improving the quality and accessibility of our graduate programs in gerontological nursing – attracting and preparing younger nurses to become the next generation of geriatric nurse educators and researchers.

Through a variety of creative partnerships across the University and beyond, our center is providing a national model for addressing the nursing faculty shortage by extending our outstanding programs in gerontological nursing throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. We invite you to join our dynamic center. Together, we can make a difference in the future of nursing and in the lives of older adults.

– Donna Fick, Ph.D., GCNS-BC, FGSA, FAAN
Director, Geriatric Center at Penn State