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 Oluwamuyiwa Winifred Adebayo, PhD, joined our research faculty in 2018 as an assistant professor in the graduate program. Originally from Nigeria, Dr. Adebayo came to the United States nine years ago to begin her college education. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from South Carolina State University and a Ph.D. in nursing, with a focus on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among youth, from the University of Miami. Her passion for the health of college students and the burden of STIs among them inspired her to pursue a career in nursing research. Her clinical experiences include emergency room and pediatric HIV nursing.

Dr. Adebayo’s area of research focuses on understanding the concept of proactivity as it relates to STI testing/screening, with the plan of developing an intervention that will facilitate proactive testing among youth. She has successfully conducted a study to examine proactive HIV testing among youth and discovered that there are modifiable factors that could inform interventions on facilitating HIV testing. Building on her previous work, Dr. Adebayo plans to collaborate with fellow researchers and community-based organizations to further understand self-initiation of STI testing and its impact on sexual health. Dr. Adebayo aspires to be a leader and successful nurse scientist who will positively challenge the state of STI research and care among youth.


Ashley Miller, our first B.S.N.–D.N.P. graduate, placed first for her project, ”Developing LGBT Competencies in an RN Residency Program,” in Penn State’s Graduate Exhibition March 23–25.
Allyson Favuzza, a 2018 D.N.P. graduate, placed third for her project, ”Increasing Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Rates through a Multimedia Intervention,” in Penn State’s Graduate Exhibition March 23–25. A Jonas Scholar, Favuzza has received four degrees from the College of Nursing, including an A.S. and B.S. at Penn State Scranton and an M.S.N. in 2015.
Liza Behrens, a Ph.D. student working with Drs. Kolanowski and Van Haitsma on their project, “Implementation of EIT-4-BPSD in Nursing Homes,” received the Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Translational Science Fellowship (TSF) award in April.

2018 Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS) Scientific Sessions

Student Winners 

D.N.P. Student Peer-Reviewed Posters
First Place: Allyson Favuzza—”Increasing human papillomavirus vaccination rates through a multimedia intervention”
Second Place: Jill Kargo—”Evaluating the teach-back method for medication teaching in home care”
Third Place: Ashley Miller—”Developing LGBT competencies in an RN residency program”

School-sponsored Posters (chosen through a blind review by the graduate faculty)
First Place (Master’s): Emily Whitaker—”Subjective cognitive impairment is consistently related to lower quality of life in older adults”
First Place (Early Ph.D.): Abigail McGinnis—”The role of palliative care in LVAD-DT recipients and their caregivers”



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