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Fourteen students represented Penn State at the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) convention in Nashville. “We are learning so much as we shape ourselves into the best nurses and people we can possibly be!” said Maria San Román, president of Penn State’s Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP) chapter. 

This year marked history for the chapter as they presented their first-ever resolution at the convention. Best of all, the resolution was passed and voted into policy! Titled “In Support of Increasing Education and Political Awareness in Nursing Students about Physician-Assisted Dying,” the resolution was written by Hunter Murdoch, Fatima Carranza, Mackenzie Bergstrom, Anna Tercek, Jessica Hernandez, Jill Salwach, and Daniel Little. Congratulations to the authors and chapter for effecting change in the world of nursing! 

“I could not have been prouder of the students’ professionalism, commitment, and engagement,” said Paul Logan, instructor in nursing at Hershey, who attended the convention as an adviser. “They dressed, spoke, and behaved in ways that made us all Penn State proud.”