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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — It’s an early fall morning. Since arriving at work after a half-hour commute, you’ve been dealing with the lingering congestion and slight headache from a late-stage head cold. By midday, your headache has worsened and your stuffy nose makes it hard to breathe. Could your cold have developed into a sinus infection?

Beginning in January 2017, employees at University Park will have an accessible and affordable way to handle a scenario like this. The new Penn State Employee Health and Wellness Center, to be located on the first floor of the Nursing Sciences Building, will be part of the University’s overall strategy to encourage a culture of health among employees. Employees will be able to “walk in” to receive treatment for a variety of minor illnesses and symptoms.

“The University is invested in ways to help employees not only learn more about health and well-being, but manage it in a better way,” said Paula Milone-Nuzzo, dean of the Penn State College of Nursing, which is partnering with Penn State Health and Penn State Human Resources to promote and deliver services. Leadership in the College of Nursing and Penn State College of Medicine discussed the possibility of offering such a service as far back as 2011…