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Faculty Spotlight

miyamoto-cnr-spotlightWe are pleased to welcome Sheridan Miyamoto!

Sheridan is a recent graduate of the Nursing Science and Health-Care Leadership doctoral program at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis. While at UC Davis, Sheridan was awarded a prestigious Doris Duke Fellowship for the Promotion of Child Well-Being. Sheridan has extensive experience in telehealth delivery and research.

As a forensic nurse practitioner, she supported rural sites through live telehealth sexual assault consultations, allowing children to receive quality care in their own community. As Associate Director for Technology-Enabled Health Care for the Wireless Health and Wellness Initiative at UC Davis, she conducted patient focus groups to gain essential information to create tools and clinical support to help people improve their health.

Dr. Miyamoto is a Co-Investigator for the PCORI grant, Patient and Provider Engagement and Empowerment through Technology Program to Improve Health in Diabetes (PI: Heather Margaret Young, MS, PhD, RN, Dean and Professor, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing).

Sheridan’s research interests include: Utilizing administrative databases to improve risk tools to identify families at risk of recurrent subsequent serious maltreatment; Use of telehealth technology to improve forensic care for children in rural communities; Providing tools to support positive parent/child relationships; And, the promotion of healthy dating relationship choices using mobile health and gaming interventions.


Congratulations to Joche Galyes on her new position in the Evidenced-based Prevention and Intervention Services Center (EPISCenter) as a Research and Evaluation Analyst!

Awards and Honors

Leah Buck was selected to be inducted to the American Academy of Nursing as Academy Fellow. The induction ceremony takes place in Washington, DC during the Academy’s annual policy conference, Transforming Health, Driving Policy on October 17, 2015. There will be a luncheon sponsored by the CON in honor of Leah on October 17th from 12–1:30pm at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. If you would like to attend, please contact Susan Kukic.

Lisa Kitko was named second runner-up in the Nursing Investigator Awards session at Heart Failure 2015, presented by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) May 23 to 26 in Seville, Spain. Lisa presented her abstract, “Patients’ perceptions of illness severity in advanced heart failure,” at the 2nd World Congress on Acute Heart Failure, part of Heart Failure 2015. Judith Hupcey, professor and associate dean of graduate education and research in Penn State’s College of Nursing, was co-author.

Upcoming Events

October 1st, 10:30-12:00pm – Research Faculty Meeting in 102 Nursing Sciences Building and 1302 ASB in Hershey. Students, please join the faculty at 11:00 for the review of specific aims for Drs. Loeb and Kitko upcoming R01 proposal submissions.

October 14, 2015 – 2015 NightinGala, The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Washington, DC.

October 14, 2015 – The Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science, 2015 Special Topics Conference, Washington, DC, Grand Hyatt

October 15-17, 2015 – American Academy of Nursing, 2015 Transforming Health, Driving Policy Conference, Washington, DC, Grand Hyatt

October 29th, 2015; 9:00-10:00am- Mock Review of Windy Alonso’s F31 NRSA proposal in 102 Nursing Sciences Building

October 29th, 2015; 10:30-12:00pm – Research Faculty Meeting in 102 Nursing Sciences Building and 1302 ASB in Hershey.

Funded Awards

Sheridan Miyamoto (Co-I) was awarded a subaward, Patient and Provider Engagement and Empowerment Through Technology (P2E2T2) Program to Improve Health in Diabetes

Lisa Kitko was awarded as a 2015 class of Macy Faculty Scholars by the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation.

Proposal Submissions

Janice Penrod (PI) and Nikki Hill (Co-I). Proposal entitled, Establishing Community-Based Research Networks, submitted in response to the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards call for proposals, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)

Ann Kolanowski (MPI), Kimberly Van Haitsma (MPI) with Barbara Resnick (MPI) submitted a proposal entitled, Implementation of EIT-4-BPSD in Nursing Homes, in response to the NIH Funding Opportunity, Research Project Grant (Parent R01) PA-13-302.

Kimberly Van Haitsma, (Co-I). Proposal submitted, Scaling up BE-ACTIV in Nursing Homes: Testing an Innovative Implementation Plan, in response to the NIH R21 Funding Opportunity, Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health (PAR-13-054). (PI: Suzanne Meeks, University of Louisville)

Susan Loeb responded to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation call for applications for the Future Nursing Scholars Program requesting support for Three Years to the PhD: RWJF Future of Nursing Scholars.


Christopher Engeland presented Mucosal Immunology and Tissue Repair at Risk of Adolescence & Mucosal Injury in HIV Susceptibility, NIAID/NIH Workshop, Rockville, MD to determine gaps and funding direction for the next 5 years.

Lisa Kitko and Judy Hupcey presented at the 19th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Heart Failure Society of America in Washington, DC


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